April 6, 2015


BEDCO Minutes

April 6, 2015

107 S Main St


In Attendance:  Ryan Bucklin, Jon Northrup, Cindy Brunner, Tootie Samson, Dena Kinzel , Bruce Bjorn - Adviser:  Danny Kunkel 

  1. Call to Order:Meeting called to order at 5:32 pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Samson motions to approve; Northrup 2nd;All approve
  3. Approval of Minutes:Kinzel motions to approve minutes from March meeting;Samson 2nd – all approve
  4. Adviser’s Report:Danny Kunkel reports for city – Trailer Park purchase going through;Justin Lisk is heading up the committee to develop a Business Park. 
  5. Financial Reporta.)Bank Balance - $7372.16

    b.)  Bills Payable -  Black Hills Energy, Alliant, and City of Baxter. Walker Law has applied $190.00 from retainer to pay bill leaving a balance of $116.00 on retainer.

    c.)  Deposits - $8,000.00 ck from Northrup, $300.00 Baxter Real Estate Rent.
    Kinzel motions to accept report, Samson 2nd – all approve

  6. New Business

    a.  Danny Kunkel/Laundry – signage - tabled


    b.  Cleaning Person for Common area of Commercial Bldg. – Cindy Brunner had submitted a bid for $50.00 per month.  Samson motions to approve, Kinzel 2nd; All Approve


    c.)  Brian Schultz with Partner Communications was present and presented the proposed plan for the use of the building space still under negotiations.


    d:)  Steve Wright was at meeting to go over his proposal to rent unit 107B at Comm Bldg.  He and Rob Wright “Wright Securities”  will do all the build out of space and have licensed plumber & electrician finish work.  Will rent the space for 1 year at $225.00 per month with purchase option in a year.  Rent date to start on May 1, 2015.  Brunner motions to accept; Samson 2nd; all approve


    e:)  Open house planned for the Commercial Bldg. in mid-May


  7. )Old Business
    1. )Accounting for cost of Comm Bldg. – Bucklin stated that he will have it completed and turn into City Council at next meeting.


  8. )Marketing-Update on Website – School has been getting their part completed; Brunner is working on the BEDCO portion;Kinzel is working on the City portion.To look at the websiteon the soft launch go to Cms7226#


  9. )Open DiscussionBucklin stated that he is not happy with Walker on lawsuit.There has been no communications from him.Foreman received notice for a deposition for April 30.Bucklin presented letter to be submitted to DOT in favor of the diamond interchange.All approved to sign the letter.



10.)-Adjournment -                     7: 36 pm Samson motions; Kinzel 2nd; All approve