Public Works Department


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6557 HWY F-17W


The City of Baxter Public Works Department is headed by the Public Works Director who oversees and is responsible for the following divisions:

  • Water

    • Responsible for the treatment, production and distribution of potable drinking water for Baxter’s residents and businesses.  Average daily production of 100,000 gallons per day.  For more information about Baxter’s Water System, please go to the sub-page titled “Water”.

  • Waste Water

    • Responsible for the treatment of wastewater and upkeep of the sanitary sewer system.  For more information about Baxter's Waste Water System, please go to the sub-page titled "Waste Water".

  • Streets/Maintenance

    • Responsible for street maintenance, snow removal, and upkeep of storm water collection system.  For more information about Baxter's Streets/Maintenance, please go to sub-page titled "Streets/Maintenance".

  • Cemetery/Parks

    • Responsible for cemetery/park cleanup and maintenance, cemetery grave marking and mowing of cemetery and parks.


Public Works Director – Bryce Halter from 2021-present.

Maintenance – Mike Johnson from 2007-present.

Maintenance – Larry Meyer from 2014-present.


Public Works Shop/Office phone – 641-227-3354, leave a message.  Normal business hours are from 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., Monday – Friday, except during holidays, vacations, time off or days of limited staff due to training and other off-site requirementsIf no answer, call city hall at 641-227-3120.