Waste Water


Baxter Waste Water Treatment Facility 



The City of Baxter Waste Water system, NPDES Permit #5003001, maintains permit compliance with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources by continually upgrading and maintaining its facilities and procedures.  In 2008, The City of Baxter spent $800,000 on rehabilitation work of its sanitary sewer collection system.  All existing manholes were lined and nearly 2/3 of the rest of the system were slip lined with CIPP (Cured-In-Place Piping).  All of the private lateral connections on the CIPP sections were re-established up to 2’ by a process called top-hatting.  This rehabilitation work was done to cut down on the ground water “infiltration” into the sanitary sewer system, thus reducing the amount of flow and treatment at the waste water treatment facility and the size of treatment facility necessary. 


 Top-hat-lateral-repairs-2 CIPP_Service5infiltration

 ManholeRehabilitationEpoxyCoatingold brick manhole


At the same time, a sanitary sewer inspection survey was performed throughout Baxter and it was discovered that 20% of the homes and businesses in Baxter had illegal connections to the sanitary sewer by way of sump pump discharges, down spouts and foundation footing tiles.  This creates excessive “inflow” and the phrase I & I comes from these two words “inflow & infiltration”.  These illegal connections were primarily done back when it was allowed and most residents were completely unaware of the problems caused by this.  The sump pumps and down spouts were disconnected from the sanitary sewer system at this time.

In 2010, Construction began on a new $4,000,000 waste water treatment facility.  Baxter converted its nearly 60 year old, 7 acre, aerated, continuous discharge system that was not meeting permit requirements, to a brand new, 42 acre, controlled discharge system that meets all new permit requirements.  The system has been in service since 2013.  This new system is a natural biological process of treating waste water and allows for discharge of treated effluent flows during time frames allowed by the IDNR in the spring and fall provided that pre-discharge sampling is approved by the IDNR.

For all of this work, the City of Baxter was awarded the following grants, $600,000 Community Development Block Grant,  $851,851 Waste Water Treatment Financial Grant & $1,142,000 2009 Federal Stimulus Grant for a Total Grant Assistance of $2,593,851.00