July 19, 2021


July 10, 2021


Gennypher, Natalie, Joann, Paul, Rich, Marie, Peg in attendance.


Gennypher called the meeting to order at 6:00 in the Community Room.


Treasurer’s Report – Marie. Rich moved to approve. Joann seconded. Motion carried, all ayes.


Education Foundation – Bruce Connelly not in attendance.


T-Shirt Fundraiser – Waiting on Amanda for final design. Genn will check with her again. Will also get the cost per shirt. Looking to sell at $18 each. Need to start taking preorders soon. Will find out costs to do 2 orders, one in August and September. Marie thinks with the expense for families with the State Fair and getting kids ready to go back to school sales might be better in September.


Live Auction – Auction went well. Made $5,815, have all collected but one. Need to consider doing it again next year. Marie needs values of each item to write a thank you and tax form to each entity that provided auction items.


Genn will put HP venmo code on Hometown Pride Facebook page for future donations.


Shelter House – Marie presented packets previously submitted to the City Council. Council agreed with the plans and to proceed. Dan Kunkel is to be getting our permits. Marie will check with Dan on how soon we can get started.


Natalie suggested getting thermometer banners for both the shelter and playground and install all 3 at the part along with the current sign. Keep people aware there is more than just one project going on at the park to contribute to. Genn will order banners for the shelter and playground. Need 10’ rebar to install. Peg will check with Bryce to see if Maintenance has.


Mechdyne Grant – Genn advised she has

been contacted by Clint Redman regarding application for a second grant. Group discussed and decided to go with concrete pads for the picnic tables and fire rings for the primitive camp sites. Marie will proceed with the grant application. Peg will contact Brian Davies for the cost and design drawings.


Baxter Explorers Donation – Genn advised that former Cub Scout group has disbanded with roughly $1,100 in their account. Would like to donate to the splash pad.


Peg brought up the idea of a golf tournament fundraiser. She noted the Booster Club is not sponsoring one this summer and it might be a good idea to consider. Lengthy discussion was held and the group opted to hold off at this time. Can discuss at a later date.


Genn advised the Booster Club was looking for groups to manage the football concession stands. They pay $400 a game. Group decided on Sept. 10th and October 8th. Genn will advise Tracey Shepley.


Rich moved to adjourn. Natalie seconded. Motion carried, all ayes. Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Peg Kimberley