Reimagining Our Future


Town Hall Meeting 10-5-16

FAQ From Town Hall Meeting


Dear Family, Friends, Alumni, and Community Members;

The Baxter Community School District is in the midst of “Re-Imagining Our Future,” and we would love your support in a campaign to raise funds!  We invite all Baxter Stakeholders to unite, as we bridge the past to our future, hence coming together to move our community forward during this rebranding process.  Together, we will, undoubtedly, make a significant difference in the lives of our youth and in our community.

In our endeavor, we have identified a new mascot (Baxter Bolts) and school colors (purple, black, and silver).  Make no mistake, the most significant aspect of our future identity is the preceding word Baxter which lies at the core of our strength, unity, and purpose in which we convene.  With this strong future identity, comes several expenses, necessitating monetary resources.  Some of these expenses include: new uniforms and equipment, signage, facility/grounds alterations, and marketing revisions (see examples below).  Our rationale for this straightforward approach, is to ensure 100% of all donations go toward Baxter Schools as opposed to traditional third party fundraising, where 40-60% of the profits are skimmed off; hence going to the organizers.

E.g. Football Jerseys=$75 ⬩ Softball Uniform=$80 ⬩ Press Box Signage=$500 ⬩ Football Helmets=$250

In closing, your donations will be tax deductible and go a long way in helping our school during this transformation process.  All donors will be formally recognized on a “Re-Imagining Our Future” plaque of support utilizing the following levels of donation:


$0-$49: Lightning Bolt ⬩ $50-$199: Thunder Storm ⬩ $200-$499: Tornado ⬩ $500-$999: Hurricane ⬩ $1000+: Tsunami


Please make checks payable to the Baxter Community Educational Foundation, and return to the school, or make a payment using the secure Paypal link below.  



 Live Video From Mascot Reveal Day


  Mascot Reveal




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