November 2013

Our November PBIS assembly was led by the first graders.  The topic was empathy.  First graders arrived in someone else's shoes and explained to the elementary that showing empathy is like walking in someone else's shoes, or feeling the same things they feel.  First graders in Mrs. Bishop's and Mrs. Rempe's classes showed through posters and videos what they looks like and sounds like.  Click the links below to see what videos were shared during our assembly.  

Sesame Street With Mark Ruffalo


Take A Walk In Someone Else's Shoes


Oct. 2013

We met for our third PBIS assembly this year and learned about STOP, WALK, TALK from the 2nd graders. This year's overall theme for PBIS is "Developing Leaders".  One part of that theme is bullying.  2nd graders helped us understand the difference between a bystander and an up-stander, someone who stands up for those being bullied!  They also had 3 specific steps for dealing with a bully.  STOP - Tell them to stop what they are doing.  WALK - Walk away if they won't stop.  TALK - tell an adult what happened.  Here is one of the videos they showed us to help us understand!  Thanks 2nd graders!



Sept. 2013

Our first PBIS school wide acknowledgment was a pep rally during the week of homecoming.  Each class (or grade level) was asked to come up with and perform a cheer.  K-5th graders did their best to pump up the crowd. We even had a surprise cheerleader at the end of the pep rally:)  Take a look at pictures from the event below!